Tegra-fuse-burn 7000f800.efuse:efuse-burn: shutdown limit check disabled

i captured the boot logs from sudo cat /var/log/syslog. and i found this above statement tegra-fuse-burn 7000f800.efuse:efuse-burn: shutdown limit check disabled

can you please explain what does this mean ? and can it happen automatically / if yes what are the reasons.
I wonder why my jetson nano gets reboot often when deployed in vehicles.

hello aymen.baig,

please attach the log file for reference,
furthermore, may I know what’s the fuse type you’ve enabled for your target?

attaching logs and temperature logs of my jetson nano
boot_logs.txt (95.6 KB)
Temperature.log (3.4 MB)

hello aymen.baig,

those logs looks normal, may I also know what’s the background service running?

this is system information instead of errors.
this is reported when kernel layer parse device tree property, thermal-zone.

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