Tegra Fuses - Secure Storage Key

I think to understand that with secure boot I can obtain a SSK, for example, to encrpyt/decrypt some application data.

On the “Tegra K1 Fuse Specification” document I read that the SSK can be calculated from the Device Key (DK) and the Secure Boot Key (SBK), but with “sudo ./tegrafuse.sh” I can’t read those values.

Which is the best way to create a SSK from the DK and SBK fuses?

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The calculation of SSK is done by the hardware using SBK, DK and an unique ID. Application basically uses it once SBK and DK are fused. Again secure boot won’t use SSK. It’s secure OS.

Here is a posted video on ‘Jetson Security and Secure Boot’ for your reference,

Can someone tell me in which memory area (offset) the security engine key slots are located. And what size are they all together? I’m trying to understand exactly where they are being loaded.