Tegra Graphics Debugger can't attach to processes on NVIDIA Shield Tablet 8. Can we have a Developer...


I am developing a game for NVIDIA Shield Tablet 8 (WiFi version).
I am currently facing some performance problems and would like to use the excellent Tegra Graphics Debugger in order to pin down the cause of framerate drops.

I have successfully rooted my device, since I can even enter “su” through adb shell and modify the system files as I like.
Unfortunately, Tegra Graphics Debugger mistakenly reports “Non-rooted device” and, as a result,
I am unable to attach to my game’s process to capture frame information. My device reports being up to date, with the software version of 5.3 and Android 7.0 (Nougat).

I’ve also tried the Linux version of TGD to maybe get more meaningful information.
This one says that “adbd cannot run as root in production builds” and still does not allow me to attach to any process.
Indeed, executing “adb root” from a Linux terminal gives me “adbd cannot run as root in production builds”, whereas the command gives no output at all on Windows 10.

I’ve tried to set the “ro.debuggable” and “ro.secure” device parameters, as per this answer to the exact same problem I’m facing:


However, it looks like the /defaults.prop file is overwritten by the boot process so I have no effective way of setting these properties, not even temporarily, let alone permanently.
Hence, I tried to manually prepare a suitable boot.img file which would have these defaults properly set. Unfortunately, re-packing the initrd.img using abootimg without even modifying the files inside (let alone with the values I desire) results in a boot.img that does not work when flashed into the device - SHIELD always gets stuck on the splash screen - fortunately, I can always make it back to normal just by flashing the stock boot.img that you provide.

Therefore, I wanted to get a Developer Only OS Image from your Downloads page:


but, alas, there is no such image for my model, there are only ones for the newer devices.

Is there any way at all that we could get a system image suitable for advanced development on NVIDIA Shield Tablet 8 (WiFi version)?
Preferably one that is already rooted, has the “ro.debuggable” parameter set, and/or simply proven to work with TGD?

Thank you.