Tegra Graphics Debugger can't work

I followed the step to install tegra graphics debugger, but when i install sample to my android machine, it can’t Attach to the sample application I run and in launch APK page (Install debugger is not enabled ,said Graphic debugger is not found), anyone can help me, thank you!!

Failed to locate process: com.nvidia.devtech.NativeBasic - Make sure the debugger is installed on the current device.
Any more step to do?

have you rooted your device?

if rooted, menu->connect to open connect dialog. there should be two tab, select launch tab, press install debugger button, then you can launch your application from this tab

if not rooted, you need using static link way, add TGD libs to your application, you can refer to https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/772795/tegra-graphics-debugger/tegra-graphics-debugger-1-1-is-available-as-part-of-tegra-android-development-pack-3-0r2-tadp-/

for more info, please refer to the user guide NVIDIA GameWorks Documentation

I have rooted my device…But when I chose the launch tab, the install debugger is not enabled, I followed non-rooted device guider to link the necessary lib to my application, the attach tap list the attach button is disabled too. The,
sample integrated with sdk is not work too, really confused…

Let’s break it down,

  1. what’s your device
  2. what’s output when you run adb root
  3. what’s output when you run adb remount

you can also mail to devtools-support devtools-support@nvidia.com

My device is asus nexus 7(3g) rooted. Root checker says “rooted”.
adb root says

adb remount says:

Nexus 7 not supported by TGD, please use PerfHUDES instead