Tegra K1 - CSI-B / CSI-C muxing


As per my understanding, in Tegra K1, there are two CSI controllers (Lets say CSI controller 1 and CSI controller 2).

CSI controller 1 is dedicated to CSI-A (x4 lane)

However, CSI controller 2 can be either connected to CSI-B (x4 lane) or CSI-C (x1 lane).

My question is, where is the muxing register for saying which CSI (CSI-B or CSI-C) should be routed to CSI controller 2?

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Hi JaiAtEcon,

We had odm sensor interface to indicate the CSI.
Camera#1 uses 4 CSI lanes (CSIA[1:0] & CSIB[1:0]) by using NvOdmImagerSensorInterface_SerialA
Camera#2 uses a single lane (CSIE[0]) by using on CSI-E ; hence 1-lane camera using NvOdmImagerSensorInterface_SerialE

If camera#2 uses 4 CSI lanes, then need to use DSI_B as 2nd CSI x4 lanes interface.
Please see the Tegra K1 Embedded Platform Design Guide, see the MIPI CSI section.


Hello kayccc,

Thanks for the information. But there should be some mux registers for the camera#2 to tell if I have connected 1-lane camera or 4-lanes camera (DSI-B lines).

For example, if I have connected both the cameras (1-lane and 4-lane) to camera#2 (hardware wise), which data will be routed to camera#2?

Jai Ganesh