Tegra K1- current consumption

The Tegra K1 datasheet does not give the peak current consumption of these domains: AVDD_PLL_APC2C3,AVDD_PLL_C4, AVDD_PLL_CG, AVDD_PLL_EREFE, AVDD_PLL_M, AVDD_PLL_X, VDDIO_DDR_HS ; also they are tied together alongwith AVDD_LVDS0_IO to +1.05V_RUN_AVDD rail provided by LDO0 of PMIC in the Jetson Board, however there is no 0 Ohm nor a sense res so that one could measure the current.Has anybody got current consumption details for this?

I would imagine that PLLs don’t consume much. Maybe about 5…10 mA max each?

Thanks…btw have you done any measurements yourself?
The peak current consumption of VDDIO_DDR_HS,VDDIO_PEX_CTL,VDDIO_BB,VDDIO_GMI,VDDIO_SYS_2,AVDD_SATA_PLL,HVDD_SATA,VDDIO_SATA domains is also not provided in the datasheet do you have any idea?

@cioma the peak current consumptions for some pll domains(given in datasheet) ranges upto 70mA(AVDD_PEX_PLL). Is it safe to assume 10mA for other domains?

There is no current sense resistor on production board for each power rail.
About the PLLs(AVDD_PLL_APC2C3,AVDD_PLL_C4, AVDD_PLL_CG, AVDD_PLL_UTMIP, AVDD_PLL_M, AVDD_PLL_X,AVDD_PLL_UD2DPD) power consumption measured on TK1 board:
OS idle: 2.5mW
Camera Preview: 28.9mW
Video playback: 18.8mW
Video encode: 35.4mW
Assume 20mA for each domain is safe. The max power for each is between 10 to 20 mA

CPU/GPU/Core/DDR consume the most of power. for the general I/O power rail, 200mA estimation for each is fine