Tegra K1 development kits/boards available?

Hello, I’d like to know if there are Tegra K1 development kits/boards available. Currently I’m working in two projects where this new SoC will be a real blockbuster: (1) massively parallel multiprojection for large VR environments (low energy requirements, low temperatures, lower cooling requirements, more projector clusters possible) and (2) real time affect processing for artificial characters (meaning making Ira having emotions without having to resort off line renderings, scripts, etc).

+1 interest here :)

+1 From me as well. This forum is somewhat quiet, but any comment from an NVidia official would be nice.

A simple “We hope in 3 months” or something would be nice, or who would be responsible (e.g. will SECO do this?)

Sent an e-mail to Bruce Chan (Product PR for Tegra). Still waiting some, if any, answer. Quite sad when you have expectations about a product but get no answers from manufacturer… But I’m still waiting. If everything goes wrong I’ll have to resort to TI OMAP SoC for the multiprojection system.

it would be great if a dev board in range of 200$ would exist with only bare minimums (HDMI, LVDS, USB…) but with options to expand the functionality as needed. Similar to rPi.

Because it’s cheaper to develop on a board like this and then just use the dev. kit for the final product than to invest huge amount of $ to redesign the whoal board for your product. And most of the times this dev boards have things that you don’t really need for simple/small projects and the price is there for too high.

give us “cheep” dev board and let developer decide/worry how he/she will add extra functionality needed to got the project done.

+1 interest here !

Did you received any answer from them?

It would be nice if there has a tegra K1 development kit. Can anyone from Nvidia give us some information?

Anyone knows what’s the minimum order quantity would be so that you get a datasheet and sign NDA?

I’m seriously thinking in putting a small&affordable dev kit together for Tegra K1.
I know the market would be there. The easiest ways is with a datasheet.

Hello Everyone,
We now have a Tegra K1 devkit, its called Jetson TK1 DevKit.
I am hoping its exactly what you have been discussing - and now its actually available for order and its just $192, and no min. quantities.


Sorry I couldn’t tell you guys that it was coming/


I take that back. You could at least ship this to UK for gods sake!!!

Will this platform have Android BSP in future?

yes, has a lot of BSP, visionworks, cuda,… . see http://www.nvidia.com/object/jetson-tk1-embedded-dev-kit.html