Tegra K1 long-term availability

We are considering using the Tegra K1 for a medical application.
I understand that NVIDIA is promoting the Tegra K1 for automotive. Is there any commitment for mid-/long-term availability?
Who are distributors?

I can’t say what goes for support of K1, but just beware Jetson (the specific boards, not the Tegra SoC) is not sold as marketable for resale. You’ll only develop on Jetson, you’ll have to build your own boards for K1 as a resale item (especially for medical…Jetson is not FCC type accepted). My experience with older Tegra though is that nVidia is one of the best in the business at making these items available long term…I’d actually find it hard to believe if someone told me the K1 would not be available for a very long time.

It seems that at least the older SOCs are supported for quite some time (at least until 2025):

Some information about the partners can be found here: