Tegra K1 Product Lifecycle

I have been tring to find some info on the lifecycle plans on the Tegra K1 before we consider desining it into a product but cant locate any info. I’ve tried the OEM channel with Arrow and they can sell me the chips but they are telling me Nvidia isn’t responding to thier requests for any info. I was able to find far more info on this site than the OEM sales channel. Does anyone have a ball park idea of the roadmap or lifecycle for this?

I’d contact NVIDIA representative in your region for that data.

I don’t work for NVIDIA, but I do know that the Tegra K1 supports government and commercial applications which demand a minimum of 7 years of support, perhaps more based on need. Those Tegra K1 designs are just hitting the market, but I do not know what the official ‘start’ date is for support purposes. My understanding is that the roadmap is under NDA with NVIDIA.

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Hope the following lifecycle data is helpful,

Tegra Available till
Tegra K1 industrial Jan 2024
Tegra K1 commercial Jan 2024