Tegra K1 Recommended RAM

Hi all,
Since there are not much details available for the H5TC4G63AFR-RDA chip, I thought of using Micron MT41K256M16LY-107:N. But they suggest the alternate part MT41K256M16TW-107. Is it ok to use this part?
Thank you

MT41K256M16TW-107 is not in supported components list, but MT41K256M16LY-107:N is. Seems they are same on die, capacity… you can try it by generating CFG file using its parameters and test with memory characterization shmoo package.

Thank you for the reply. But sorry I am an electronic system design engineer. My knowledge in the software field is not that good.
So how can I get this memory compatibility test done? Are there any resources available?
Thank you

Hi ishara,

You should download the “Jetson TK1 Memory Characterization Tool” on this page :

Then you need to follow the whole procedure (you need phidget interface board to pass the whole test).
The first step is to write the .par file because it is not in the default ones provided by NVIDIA.
A good start would be to copy and modify(if needed) the “Micron_2GB_MT41K256M16HA_ddr3.par” included in the package.