Tegra K1 SATA SSD boot

Hi all,
Is it possible to boot Tegra K1 with SATA connected SSD with linux other than using the on board eMMC or SD card?
Thank you

Possibility 1: Leave u-boot on eMMC, but edit the “root=” entry to point at SATA.
Possibility 2: Flash to have Jetson point boot loader and everything at SATA.

Possibility 1 would leave the original eMMC in place to use as either multi-boot (selection via serial console at boot time) or rescue. Possibility 2 would leave the eMMC root partition available for other use, but the system would fail without SATA.

Sorry I am new to this GPU and I am a electronic system design engineer. What do you mean by flash to have Jetson point bootloader. Should it be a on SPI flash onboard ?
Thank you

A “normal” flash causes Jetson to look for u-boot and u-boot configuration in the eMMC. Flash program such as this:

sudo ./flash.sh -S 14580MiB jetson-tk1 mmcblk0p1

In that command mmcblk0p1 means put the boot loader in eMMC, and put the root partition there (I believe this implies where SPI flash points…booting Jetson is sort of like chain loading an internal device pointer to some regular location containing u-boot, and finally having u-boot point at a root partition). Compare to pointing Jetson at SD card:

sudo ./flash.sh -S 14580MiB jetson-tk1 mmcblk1p1

“mmcblk0p1” is internal eMMC, “mmcblk1p1” is external SD card (for SATA /dev/sda1 should also be possible). By pointing at SD card both the root partition and the boot loader are placed on the SD card. Removing the SD card in case of “mmcblk1p1” would make the system unbootable…"/boot" and all configuration would be on the SD card.

Probably the better option is to install normally to eMMC; then edit the u-boot configuration and make a second boot entry pointing root partition at mmcblk1p1 (SD). The result would be that with or without SD card, because “/boot” and boot loader on eMMC (internal pointer to initial boot loader pointing at eMMC), the original boot would still work. Put in the SD card, and that too would work. The choice of which to boot could be changed by u-boot config edit, or via the boot menu for multi-boot at bootup time (requires serial console to access). Most people are better off with a mere edit of extlinux.conf (the boot loader config without moving the boot loader binary itself) instead of pointing everything at SD card. U-boot is multi-boot capable via human readable config file edit of extlinux.conf.