Tegra K1 various part numbers and differences between them

We came across various part numbers of Nvidia Tegra K1 processor. Datasheet mentions two part numbers(Pg 78)

CD575M-A1 => 813 Ball FCBGA | 23x23mm

CD575MI-A1 => 813 Ball FCBGA | 23x23mm

But via forums and online resources we found multiple part numbers besides CD575M as mentioned below:
· CD570M
· CD580M (used in Jetson Board)
· TD570D
· TD580D
· SD570N

We got these details from – http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Tegra_K1/

There seems to be differences in DDR3L speed and CPU frequency.

We are using CD575M in our product and are facing issues with DDR3L at 933MHz.
Is it due to differences in part numbers. We are doubtful because Jetson board uses Part No CD580M and works without issues at 933MHz.
Please clarify

Hi Anurag,

Some clue here :