Tegra Softwear Tool about compliance test

Hi there ,
we refered to the “Jetson_TX2_Series_Interface_Tuning_and_Compliance_Testing_Guide_App_Note”
in p.35 , which mentioned we can get the software to access the register spece in Tegra.
Could you help to provide the related software to us, thank you

Hi, please refer to page 10 to install open source third-party tool, devmem, to w/r registers.

Thank you Trumany

The Testing Guide mentioned this tool can modify the USB register , does it can access the register of HDMI too??
if yes, could you please provide the user guild or provide some sample to us ?
thank you

  1. Set CTE = 1 in PORTSC by writing Ah to XUSB_XHCI_OP_PORTSC[8:5].
    devmem2 0x03530420 w 0x10340 // USB_SS#0
    devmem2 0x03530430 w 0x10340 // USB_SS#1
    devmem2 0x03530440 w 0x10340 // USB_SS#2

It can access the registers of HDMI registers. There is HDMI tuning chapter in this guide app note, please check it and follow the guideline.