Tegra Support Required

Hello Nvidia Team,
This is Yashwanth, HW & Systems Engineer, Sling Media Pvt Ltd.
We are working on a new project proposal “Next Generation STB” and looking for a suitable SOC.
We would be interested to know if you can recommend a suitable SOC matching the requirements from your product lines.
I came across Tegra processors [X1, K1 and 4], when I browsed through your website. I need more details on these and request the for the same.
Thanks & Regards,
Yashwanth Melwanki

Not a lot of people read the legacy forum, but you might start here, and search for anything “Jetson”:

There are then separate forums for the TK1, TX1, TX2, Xavier, and Nano (Legacy is a subset of this):

There are some other specialty versions of most of those, e.g., automotive or industrial.

The TK1 is rather old and only 32-bit. The others are 64-bit. Nobody will be able to answer much about this without knowing requirements.

Mostly you would have to expect to buy modules which can be added to different carrier boards, whereas individual SoCs on anything more recent probably won’t be available without a very large purchase. Documentation will be on modules.