Tegra t124 nvflash 4.13.0000

Hi. I try to read bct from t124 but i have nvflash with v1.13.87205 and i have recive error:

Nvflash v1.13.87205 started
chip uid from BR is: 0x64001001740202c1180000000d050100
usb read error (71): Protocol error
miniloader download failed (response read failed)
rcm version 0X0

I think nvflash ist to old for t124.
Anyone have nvflash 4.13.0000 and can share ?

This is posted in the Xavier (64-bit) forum, but a t124 is a reference to the 32-bit TK1. Sometimes a device tree will still refer to a t124 if the hardware has been inherited from older TK1 hardware, but are you working with a full Xavier or a TK1? What was your flash command?

Ohh … I asked in the wrong place. If it is possible, I ask the moderator to be transferred to the correct section. I am working on Tk1 and trying to read bct. This is the command I use with tegrarcm:

:~/tegrarcm$ sudo tegrarcm --bct t124.bct readbct
bct file: t124.bct
device id: 0x7a40
uid: 0x64001001740202c1180000000d050100
read RCM query version: USB transfer failure
tegrarcm: error initializing RCM protocol: Resource temporarily unavailable

hello jayu158,

I haven’t work with TK1 for a long while.
could you please try with getbct commands, for example, $ ./nvflash --getbct --bct newbct.bct