tegra T30 82574L (Intel) EEPROM configuration please

Hi All,
Can somebody please let me know where can I find the EEPROM settings for 82574L configured for tegra30? Googling, I found the KAYLA board use this configuration. Can somebody please point me to a link for the configuration file? Alternatively, if somebody has the system, can you please copy it here? It can be found using the following command.
sudo ethtool -e eth0 #(Replace eth0 with the device name which is enumerated using 82574L)


The Tegra I have does not use this ethernet chip. It is an Intel chip so it is possible that the Intel docs would have information:

Thank you for responding. Yes it is an chip from Intel. One of the intel representatives told me the configuration is board specific and I have to contact Nvidea for the configuration file. I have generated a config file using the default values specified in the 82574L data sheet. But am seeing link losses. So I am after the correct config file.

From the link http://www.rcuda.net/pub/white_paper_ARM_v2.pdf , I came to know KAYLA platform has the 82574L chip on them.