Tegra TK1 not entering in boot mode

Hi I have a custom board related to JETSON TEGRA TK1 board. The problem I am facing is that the processor does not boot up but it goes to recovery mode after following POR.I also checked USB serial in Linux but there is no serial coming out. I compared my board POWER RAILS with power tree and these are the 5 powers I am not getting +1.05V_RUN, +VDDIO_SDMMC3 (3.3V), +1.2V_GEN_AVDD, 1.8V_RUN_VPP_FUSE, 3.3V_SD_CARD.I am sharing my past 3 weeks experience is that for sometimes its boot up and gives display and sometimes not but from past 2 days it does not back up from recovery mode and not booting. Kindly tell me how I can debug this problem. I am ready for your valuable response.
Thank you

Is this duplicated with Tegra TK1 Power Issue, Debug UART4 is’nt sending anything on serial - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson TK1 - NVIDIA Developer Forums?

Oo yes i am facing same kind of problem.

Hi, is it TK1 devkit board or custom board? TK1 is old platform, the available docs are in DLC (https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads#?tx=$product,jetson_tk1). You may need to probe the power on sequence to make sure all signals are correctly up. If any failed rails/signals, you can check the parts accordingly.

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