Tegra TK1 Random Behavior at Power Up

I am working with a customized board based on Jetson TK1. The Board has OS flashed and works correctly (runs applications) once it powers up correctly.
The issue is that sometimes the board does not power up correctly, nothing prints on debug UART nor does the device enter force recovery mode (tried connecting device with micro USB cable and checking output of command ‘lsubs’ on PC running Ubuntu environment). I checked all critical Voltages including Power Up Sequence Voltages and they seem correct. Also when I try debugging the hardware in this state by connecting multimeter at different points or Oscilloscope at clock signals and then try restarting the power supply, the board powers up correctly. So I am not able to debug the hardware due to this peculiar behavior of the board.
What could be possible issues for the board not powering up correctly at random tries?

Faraz Subhani

This looks like issue of unstable timing/power supply caused by capacitance. Maybe you should check the GND design to see if any bad layout routing on GND net.