Tegra TK1 Video Resolution Support

I am using Tegra TK1. I have to use tegra to out different video resolutions. For this I have studied Tegra TK1 Technical Reference Manual and found some resolutions in HDMI topic page # 1767 and in
NVIDIA TEGRA LINUX DRIVER PACKAGE R21.5 RELEASE found some resolutions on page # 12.
So, Does these are the only resolutions supported by Tegra Tk1 or we can video out at some other resolutions at different frame per seconds.

We verify standard resolution such as 1280x720, 1920x1080. It could have issues with special resolutions. And dynamic resolution change could also have issues. What are the resolutions you require in your usecase?

I require 1024 x 768 @ 50 HZ and 768 x 576 @ 50 HZ.
Is it possible to get video of these format ?

All available modes are in [System Setting] -> [Display]. If your TV(or other video output devices) supports the modes, you should be able to switch.

I have seen those modes in system settings but my required display is not in them. Now what should i do to get my required resolution.

If it does not show up, probably your TV does not support the mode. Can you try other TVs?