Tegra TRM error

Re Tegra_X1_TRM_DP07225001_v1.3p.pdf
page 34 Table 8 the last 4 entries have a name and function conflict.

The only reason I’ve taken the time to document this rather trivial error is that with this error corrected (SFAIK) the TRM will be PERFECT! An absolutely incredible document.

I would suggest a separate Forum topic on Technical Documentation.

Hi @FlashPackets,

Can you please provide the page where you downloaded the PDF? I can then forward this issue to the correct team.


The discrepancy comes from TEGRA X1 | TRM | DP-07225-001_v1.3p


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I am getting a “file not found” message. When did you download the PDF?

So, this turns out to be more difficult than I would have thought. Searching for NVIDIA Tegra X1 Mobile Processor worked better.

As a matter of academic interest I was trying to find specific details about the Jetson NANO interrupts on the J41 40 pin connector.

start with https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded-computing
click on SUPPORT, then Jetson Nano SoC Technical Reference Manual
and there you are:) Tegra X1 SoC Technical Reference Manual Version 1.3

You’ll see that there is a difference between the name and functions don’t match.

It might be helpful in the future that the NVIDIA Document Technical reference numbers be included in the Nvidia search database.

Thanks for the info. I have the team looking into this.

BTW I’m really impressed with my little Nano.

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We are happy to hear that.