Tegra TX1 supported OV sensors

We are considering to integrate OV camera sensors on top of TX1 for one of our car DVR product, and OV has given list of all available Auto grade and Security Surveillance camera sensors. Would it possible to understand from OV which are the OV camera sensors that are already integrated on TX1 so we could limit our selection to this? We are hoping that this would reduce our effort to integrate the camera on TX1.


We support USB cameras, CSI cameras with integrated ISP, and RAW output CSI cameras in ISP-bypass mode. We do support ISP processing for the provided Jetson Developer Kit (OV5693) RAW camera module.‎ We do not provide ISP support for any other camera modules at this time.

Thanks a lot for this information.

Is this ISP processing done over a hardware HDR block or SW processing? And is this ISP sensor specific?

We understood from OV that OV10640 has on board HDR processing support on TX1. Can you please confirm? Also what would be the effort of integrating any new OV sensors on TX1 board?

Br, Teja

Why are you not supporting the ISP? We’ve paid for it, we want to use it!