Tegra USB padctl, continuous power reset on UTMI pads

Module:Jetson Nano
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

The USB2.0 port on the carrier board, when connected alone to any load (category 1- jevois/pixhawk px4 mini/intel T265…) continuously resets power on the device connected to the USB. This behavior does not occur when, category 2 - mouse/keyboard/wireless-dongle is connected. Also when two devices are connected to the USB, one from category 1 and the other from category 2, the devices receive power continuously and work as expected. It seems that any device from category 1 needs a companion from category 2 to receive power continuously.

The dmesg command on terminal shows message continuosly altering between, power down on usb utmi pads and power on usb utmi pads. A screen shot is attached.

Not sure but it looks to be an issue on the custom board? If it is a custom board, we suggest do compliance test to make the signals are good. Please refer to