Tegra Virtualization support

Hi Experts,

I am trying to run Jailhouse hypervisor on Jetson TX2 board (2 Denver cores and 4 A-57 cortex cores).
In make menuconfig, I see the following options to enable.

Do, I need to enable both of them to run a hypervisor on TX2 board ?

– Virtualization drivers
Tegra Virtualization support
Nvidia Tegra hypervisor management & IVC

Please let me know.


Hi aleem_chisti,

That’s not supported in L4T but Vibrante (https://docs.nvidia.com/drive/).

hi vickyy,

I that case, how can I enable virtualization support on L4T(Jetpack 28.1) ?
I need to run a hypervisor on TX2. Is there any other option that need to be enabled to run a hypervisor ?


We have no plan to enable it on DevKit yet. May I know why you need it? Any use case of a specific product?

hi vickyy,

As I mentioned, I would like to run hypervisor (Jailhouse) on TX2. So, to run the hypervisor, do we need to enable any kernel option in L4T 28.1 (make menuconfig) ?


Hi Vicky,

Any of latest tegra kernel will support hypervisor on Tx2. If not please suggest any of patches available to apply to bring hypervisor feature.

Thanks in advance