Tegra X1 ethernet performance

I have run into a network latency issue with my TX1 boards. Since I’m no expert on this type of low-level detail, I figured I’d simply ask here for some feedback. It is very easy to reproduce. The issue is that I’m getting network latency from the TX1 boards that is 5–10x higher than I would expect from a typical gigabit NIC. For example, even in simple ping times from one card to another on an isolated gigabit network I get a network latency of about ~2ms. And even pinging itself i.e. “ping localhost” yields times that are ~0.5ms which are values 10x higher than they should be.

I have also used some more Thanks in advance.sophisticated MPI tools like mpi_latency and osu_latency tests and can confirm the same outcome. I’m assuming it is some setting in the OS or driver which should be something that is not too hard to address. Could someone please get me some assistance on this?

Additional information here:

Though no ultimate solution. You may want to experiment with an INTC PCI-E GigE card such as this one:

Feel free to find the same or similar SKU on Amazon. Actually a slightly older chipset might work even better because e1000 kernel driver support will already be baked into the L4T kernel. (Or maybe require a make menuconfig.)

Unfortunately, Gigabit ethernet NICs based on USB 3.0 do have their limitations, though we will also investigate if there are any pending software issues responsible.