Tegra X1 power estimator

Is there a power estimation tool for the TX1 chipset? Will TX1 chipsets be available for use in custom embedded applications?

The chip itself isn’t available. The integration with the internal voltage- and current-measuring circuitry onboard module isn’t yet functional, but will be added in an upcoming version of the module.

anyone know the status on this? How to access the feature if it exists?

Hi Jimmy Pettersson,

The INA (current measurement) support is being added in a later version of the module.


+1 for power monitoring

I’m also waiting for power measurement on Jetson TX1


For now it will need to be measured from the carrier or power supply.

Newer revisions of the TX1 module enable the use of INA power monitors, see https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/950341/jetson-tx1/jetson-tx1-ina226-power-monitor-with-i2c-interface-/post/4998393/#4998393

I use https://github.com/cezs/jtx1inst in order to directly access module’s (revision below 300) INA3221 and read CPU’s and GPU’s power consumption values.