Tegra X1(XavierA) is not response


I encountered an error that Tegra X1 did not start.(ttyUSB2 is not response.)

Tegra X2 is running. The ttyUSB6 is active and the HDMI XB port is alive.
However, it looks like to setted up for TegraX1(e.g. wall paper shown Xavier A, cat /proc/device-tree/model result is e3550_t194a).
I definitely inserted the HDMI cable to XB.

In addition, I found many errors at syslog.

Also I can flash by

./bootburn.sh -b e3550b03-t194a -B qspi -x /dev/ttyUSB3


./bootburn.sh -b e3550b03-t194b -B qspi -x /dev/ttyUSB3

is failed.

What is happening?

syslog.log (288 KB)
boot_burn-e3550b03-t194b.log (1.44 KB)

Dear yk-fuzi,
Have you used Sdkmanager to flash the board? If so, could you attach your ~/.nvsdkm/logs ?
Please confirm if Tegra A or Tegra B is booted sucessfully.

Hi, SivaRamaKrishna.

Thanks for your response.

sdk_manager can not successfully run.
I’ll attach sdkm.log.
sdkm.log (1.05 MB)

Dear yk-fuji,
I could see Error Invalid Board Name e3550b03-t194 !!! in the attched sdkm.log. This issue is still under investigation as per the section 2.4 in flashing techinal bulletin(https://developer.download.nvidia.com/driveworks/secure/docs/DRIVE_8.0_Release_Docs/NVIDIA_DRIVE_AGX_Flashing_Issues_Technical_Bulletin.pdf?3cvs2MBYrGrv7GeBrSa5pyxLf7tVZZW4vC8dvZFWfZpv3OJairbq_uhPpuqJy2iUNGRapwWhq_OwYe_BxIAi9GRNuCvcS_97BJgI5cm19E8NBkRDq_TYPLYAm-IQenQI2MhcYeBaD_sFEZ_LkiudnakCqFai4a3QpBvDk7kNR1kPi5k-FJu_1YOPpif5jk_Yl_wxn6TULBtEXJKtsvuvVGrT6fQ). Could you please file a bug for this topic