Tegra X2 (TX2) main differences and Gstreamer pipelines performance measurements - RidgeRun

Hi All,

All us are pretty excited about the new Tegra X2 (TX2) released by NVIDIA. It is a great chip with a good software support just as we had with TX1. In order to help clarifying some of the questions that you might have already RidgeRun created some wiki pages with information about its main differences with TX1, some gstreamer pipelines with ARM measurements and the wiki page with information about how to rebuild the BSP for Jetpack 3.0 (work in progress btw). 

Tegra X2 Main differences

Gstreamer Pipelines

Compiling Tegra X2 Source Code (WIP)

Hope this helps. If you have any question feel free to ask.


Have you ported and tested any camera drivers to TX2?

It seems TX2 on board OV5693 camera does not work for v4l apps while TX1 OV5693 does.

Hi yahoo2016,

We tested the ov5693 on TX2 using v4l2src GStreamer element.

These wikis can help you: