Tegra3 -- need help decoding VC-1 and MP4


Koying from the awesome XBMC dev team is trying to get hardware decoding working on Tegra3 (which will be supported on Ouya and many other devices) and has been successful for all codecs except VC-1 and MP4 (the latter of which partially works but is unstable).

His post and the XBMC dev forum can be found here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=152005&pid=1342604#pid1342604

For MP4, he receives an error to the effect of "coding method not supported"

Is there someone here or at nVidia who can give him some guidance on how to interface Tegra3 with these two codecs?

Thank you in advance.

Please follow up with me directly - we would like to discuss with Koying.

Hi Mr. Jones,

Thank you very much for your response.

Tim, an nVidia dev, contacted me directly and I’ve given him Koying’s details. Hopefully the two will be in touch shortly.


p.s. Despite all those @ symbols in your two names, I couldn’t figure out how to successfully email you. :)

Hi, Koying from XBMC, here.

I’ve sent Tim an email explaining the issues.

Mmm… Sent the message to “Tim” on March 6th and no response.

Is he not the person I should address the mail to?

Well, unfortunately Tim’s response was not very helpful.
I’m reproducing the mail I sent him here, in case someone could help.

His reply was basically “Use MediaCodec”. That’s not helpful because:

  1. MediaCodec is JB+ only. JB+ accounts for ~16% of android base today. Might be an option in a few years but not now.
  2. Anyway, MediaCodec is just a JAVA API wrapper around libstagefright, using the same OMX codecs. I assume the problems I outlined here will occur on MediaCodec, too.

Thanks in advance for any help.

sjones, the MP4 and VC-1 issues still persist on Tegra3 for XBMC…

Is there additional help or guidance that can be offered to Koying?

Thank you in advance.

sorry - i missed this thread - let me check with tim

Thanks. Any news from Tim?

i checked with tim on 4/10 and he said all is good w/ koying - please let me know if there are outstanding items