Tegradevflash_v2 shutdown instead of reboot

We are using massflash to prepare our SoMs for production rollout, and we would prefer in our workflow to have the ability to know when a flash has failed. We would be able to look in ./mfilogs/ to see how many SoMs failed to flash properly, but this does not show which specific physical boards these actually are.

In the nvaflash.sh script the last step is

banner="Rebooting the device";
cmd="${curdir}/tegradevflash_v2 ${usbarg} --reboot coldboot";
execmd "${banner}" "${cmd}";

I am hoping that this could be modified to make it so that we can make successfully flashed boards go into a shutdown state so that the LED goes off. That way we can look at our flashing station and see based on the flash logs that e.g. two boards had failed to flash, and we could look and see which 2 boards still have green LEDs active and know instantly that those two need to be attempted again and that the rest of the SoMs are good to go.

Perhaps a way to deal with this is to place some kind of one-time self-destructing boot script in the flash payload that will cause the device to auto shutdown on only its inaugural boot. But I’m hoping there’s a way to get tegradevflash_v2 to command the board to shut off?


There is no support for shutdown in this command.

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