Tegraflash nvme support

Looking through the public t194 cboot source and tegraflash scripts, it seems there is some level of ability to flash directly to nvme drives and boot directly to them. I know this isn’t what is described in the current documentation, but I figured I’d try anyways. I took a xavier nx devkit with the dev module and attached a Samsung 970 evo. Linux is able to read the drive. I then went into the r32.5.0 driver flash package and modified flash_l4t_t194_spi_sd_p3668.xml, changing

<device type="sdcard" instance="0" sector_size="512" num_sectors="33554432">


<device type="nvme" instance="0" sector_size="512" num_sectors="33554432">

then I ran

./flash.sh jetson-xavier-nx-devkit nvme0p1

Eventually, the final flash stage failed in tegrabct_v2 with:

[   4.0875 ] Updating mb1-bct with storage information
[   4.0885 ] tegrabct_v2 --chip 0x19 --mb1bct mb1_cold_boot_bct_MB1.bct --updatestorageinfo flash.xml.bin
[   4.0894 ] MB1-BCT version: 0x1
[   4.0897 ] There is no MB1-BCT device type corresponding to pt type: 9
[   4.0897 ] 
Error: Return value 2
Command tegrabct_v2 --chip 0x19 --mb1bct mb1_cold_boot_bct_MB1.bct --updatestorageinfo flash.xml.bin

My question is: Am I missing a bct config to support nvme or do the tegra*_v2 tools not entirely support nvme yet? I would like to flash everything to qspi and nvme directly with no sd card and no intermediary steps on the nx dev module.


The nvme in cboot for T194 series SoC is not yet ready.

That is why it is not listed in below document.


Alright, thanks for the reply. Looking forward to when the support is done. It will be useful.