Tegraflash to another emmc support

We have a device that connects to another 64G emmc by spi and and presented as /dev/mmcblk1. We hope to flash Xavier NX to this external emmc and boot by it. Is there any method or suggestion?

I don’t think to flash image and boot from external eMMC via SPI is supported.

Flash software wouldn’t work, and there is also internal QSPI to worry about, but if you have any booted system which sees “/dev/mmcblk1”, then you can use normal partitioning tools and/or dd should you already know what content goes on it (e.g., from a clone or a partition to copy…this won’t update QSPI though).

Thank you, this is the method we are currently using, but we just want to find out if there is a way to directly flash.

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