Tegrastats is not providing GR3D_FREQ, used_GR3D values

Hello everyone,

I am having an issue with tegrastats report misses GR3D_FREQ, used_GR3D values. The command is run from .sh file. However, when I run from the terminal, it provides all the values. Here is the sample output:

RAM 4900/7850MB (lfb 66x4MB) SWAP 1879/3925MB (cached 23MB) CPU [100%@2035,off,off,50%@2035,36%@2037,11%@2035] PLL@51.5C MCPU@51.5C PMIC@100C Tboard@45C GPU@50C BCPU@51.5C thermal@52.9C Tdiode@50C VDD_SYS_GPU 1598/1598 VDD_SYS_SOC 761/761 VDD_4V0_WIFI 19/19 VDD_IN 5750/5750 VDD_SYS_CPU 1142/1142 VDD_SYS_DDR 1423/1423

How can I resolve it?

Do you observe the issue on TX2 developer kit or your custom board? It seems like certain device nodes are missing.

@DaneLLL it is TX2 developer kit. I don’t know if it is related to the “missing device nodes” issue, but I was able to access device folder and read GPU’S cur_freq file

Do you use Jetpack 4.6.3?

It is NVIDIA JetPack SDK v4.5.1

We don’t see this issue reported on TX2. Is it possible to try Jetpack 4.6.3? Or try other TX2 developer kit.

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