Tegrastats Minimum Interval Value ?


I am using tegrastats to monitor the power consumption of the Jetson Nano by running the command:
tegrastats --interval 10 --logfile ./output_logFile.txt &

I indicated 10 ms in the command below, but is there a lower limit that tegrastats can accept for the interval value ? The main limitation will come from writing to the logFile, so if I indicate a value that is too small with respect to how fast the Jetson can append data to the file, will tegrastats use a default value (and what value would it be?), or it will just append data as fast as possible: the 10ms interval will thus not be respected and the time step between two values will roughly corresponds to the time needed to append new data to the file ?

Thanks for your help !

Yves-Marie Raiffaud


According to the source of tegrastats, we use an integer to store this value, so the minimum value accepted should be 1.

For any value smaller than 1, it will use 1 instead.