Tegrastats show EMC_FREQ 0%@0 not work

Why dose tegrastats show EMC_FREQ not work?
Here is tegrastats command output :

RAM 3834/7855MB (lfb 558x4MB) SWAP 0/2048MB (cached 0MB) CPU [48%@2036,0%@2036,0%@2035,43%@2034,40%@2036,40%@2036] EMC_FREQ 0%@0 GR3D_FREQ 0%@1300 NVDEC 1203 APE 150 MTS fg 0% bg 0% BCPU@52C MCPU@52C GPU@49.5C PLL@52C Tboard@47C Tdiode@49.5C PMIC@100C thermal@51.2C VDD_IN 4710/4659 VDD_CPU 1057/1027 VDD_GPU 192/192 VDD_SOC 1344/1350 VDD_WIFI 0/0 VDD_DDR 724/714

Why the EMC_FREQ is 0%@0, and the TX2 system run every program very slowly.
TX2 is R28.2.1


It looks abnormal. I guess there are some hardware issue. Would you mind upgrading to rel-32.3 and see if you could still see such behavior?

The TX2 is remote now, Can I get some information from its kern.log or other logs.

Could you share the full boot up log and the value from this node? Need to check it with sudo.


kern.log (203.5 KB)
Sorry,forums told me that I am a new user and forbid to reply yesterday.
The kern.log I got lask week,Now I have no remote environment to run /sys/kernel/debug/clk/emc/clk_rate


I need more detail for your issue if you cannot dump the emc result with us.

  1. Are you using devkit or custom carrier board?
  2. Is this issue always happened? Have you ever reboot your device?
  3. Does this issue happen on this module all of sudden? Like it was working fine but somehow it starts to fail.