tegrastats gives voltage, current, power value of CPU and GPU after first regulator in Xavier.
Can I get the value of CPU, GPU after second regulator? I need real voltage, current power comes into CPU, GPU.

I think you can use python to reprocess those string again for you.

Thank you for reply.
tegrastats says CPU and GPU voltage is always 19408mV. It is not plausible that CPU voltage is always 19408mV. I want real CPU voltage after two regulators. Your reply means using Python, I can get real CPU voltage or GPU currrent after all voltage regulators?

Could you show what you see the 19408mv

to see GPU voltage,
$ cat /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/ina3221x/1-0040/iio_device/in_voltage0_input

The command is from Xavier thermal design guide section 5.3.

So you would like have tegrastate to show this node, right?

My question title was wrong, sorry. What I wanted to ask was whether Xavier offers real CPU, GPU voltage. Tegrastats showing 19408mV is not what I want.

19408mV is the value BEFORE the voltage regulator, so measurements include the voltage regulator losses. Is there any method to get the voltage value after the voltage regulator.

opik12, please refer to /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/regulator/vdd_*/voltage for the voltages.

thank you!!!

when I tried,
showed ‘630781’.

I understood that after regulator, CPU voltage is 0.630781V. If my understanding is wrong(ex. unit), correct please.

Correct, the value is in microvolts.