Tele-op, control and command codelets over network of devices

Uli SDK is a set of software libraries, which allows you to implement service-oriented applications across networks of edge devices by providing the infrastructure and messaging between the services running on the edge devices.

Inspired by the military UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) Interoperability Profile (IOP) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) AS4, Uli SDK implemented many outstanding features, such as service and resource discovery (no prio knowledge of IP network configuration is needed), exclusive control of services, life cycle management, health reporting/monitoring, and safety. Most importantly, Uli SDK also implements clients of services. This drastically reduces integration complexity.

Uli SDK includes a set of code generators that generate source codes of data structures, messages, services, and applications. More than 85% of the needed codes can be automatically generated. This significantly shortens the development time.

Uli SDK is tightly bound with NVIDIA ISAAC SDK, sharing the same build tools and underline message transports. It complements NVIDIA ISAAC SDK with control and communication between ISAAC Codelets over the network.

Uli SDK includes many standout concepts and features. Best of all, it is open source. Visit ( to try it.