Tell sdkmanager to install jetpack offline but packages were download online

I am using sdkmanger in docker, version, In order to save time in subsequent installations, I firstly had the sdkmanager download (–cli downloadonly) everything that I need for the target hardware. Then, when flashing and installing Jetpack+additional SDKs, I tell the sdkm to do it offline by passing the switch --offline. Offline building the image for flashing worked OK. But the Jetpack installation. At every installation, the dependency, which was previously downloaded, is always fetched again online! For example

info: *begin sudo apt-get -y install /opt/nvidia/deb_repos/libcudnn8-dev_8.0.0.180-1+cuda10.2_arm64.deb, 5
Reading package lists… 0%

Reading state information… Done
info: Note, selecting ‘libcudnn8-dev’ instead of ‘/opt/nvidia/deb_repos/libcudnn8-dev_8.0.0.180-1+cuda10.2_arm64.deb’

That makes the installation very time-consuming. What could I do to avoid repeatedly downloading gigabytes of packages?

I guess because of “sudo apt-get -y install …”. Would it be better if the sdkm does “sudo dpkg -i …” then “sud apt-get install -f”?