Telsa C870 in Dell 670 precision workstation

Anyone tested the Tesla C870 in a Dell Precision Workstation 670? I already have the 670 and thought about acquiring a C870 for some testing.


I just installed a C870 in a Precision 670 using 169.21 and it’s working fine. I moved the Quadro FX 1300 to the x8 slot (running at x4) which is driving two 24" monitors at 1920x1200; no problems there either. I’m getting 325 Gflops with Simon Green’s max Gflops code. This is going to be fun.

I’m not sure about the Precision 670 PSU but I shall upgrade the PSU to a bigger one. Mine 490 had already problems with the 8800GTS

We :heart: DELL PSUs :thumbsdown: