Temperature sensor - Jetson nano 2GB developer kit

Is it possible to connect any temperature sensor to the jetson nano GPIO pins and make as a interrupt, like if the temperature changes some message or sound will be as a output?
Please provide any resources or steps for doing this process
Thanks in advance

Hi swedhar10,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

What is your use case?

Do you want to monitor the temperature on your board?
If so, there should be INA3221 power monitor sensor included for temperature detection.
You could refer more details in the following instruction.
NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Clock Frequency and Power Management | Software-Based Power Consumption Modeling

The jetpack version we are using is 4.6.
What my requirement is, I need to connect a temperature sensor externally to any of the GPIO pin and make it as a interrupt one and another GPIO pin as a output pin.
If the externally connected temperature sensor sense some particular temp , I need to glow the LED?
There is any resource available for to work like this? Or any driver code?
Or your team tried anything like these with any of the sensors?
Please give us some guidance.

Thanks in advance

For this use case, it seem you could just use the temperature result from internal INA3221 module and connect an external LED to alarm.

Or you just want to detect the external temperature rather than the internal temperature?
It may depend on which temperature sensor you are using and which interface(SPI, I2C…?) for communication.
There should be some embedded based sample code from the vendor and you could just port them to Jetson.

Thank you for your response.
Yes , I want to detect the external temperature.
So what my thought is to connect the external temperature sensor to the GPIO pin of the 40pin header( here , GPIO as a interface).
And make the pin as an interrupt (means it sense some temp from outside and it glow led connected to another GPIO pin)

Is it possible to do my requirement in the nvidia jetson nano 2gb devkit?

Thanks in advance

Yes, it should be the possible use case.

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