Tensorboard plots static

my tensorboard plots seem to be static. I have trained the segmentation_ct_spleen_v1 model for 1000 epochs but I cant seem to see any change in the plots. I have tried adjusting the smoothing, and maximized the plot without success.What could be the problem?

Also my tensorboard command gives the warning below. How do I overcome this with respect to clara?

W1121 15:08:17.926140 140315632936704 tf_logging.py:161] Found more than one graph event per run, or there was a metagraph containing a graph_def, as well as one or more graph events.  Overwriting the graph with the newest event.
W1121 15:13:23.063323 Reloader tf_logging.py:161] Found more than one metagraph event per run. Overwriting the metagraph with the newest event.

Hi egamor18
Sorry for late reply.

Is it solved? or could you elaborate on the issue?
It looks like the issue is related to Clara Train SDK. If so, could you post the question on https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/366/clara-train-transfer-learning-toolkit-for-medical-imaging-new-/?