Tensorflow 2.4 Nvidia docker container for Jetson

I am currently using l4t-tensorflow:r32.4.4-tf2.3-py3 docker container (NVIDIA NGC) which has TF 2.3. I want to switch to newer versions of Tensorflow - TF 2.4 or TF 2.5. When can we expect an official docker container of TF 2.4 or TF 2.5 for Jetson devices. I understand TF 2.4, TF 2.5 are available for Jetson devices but I wanted to know when an official docker container will be released?

Hi @shiva.sanketh, we don’t plan to release an updated l4t-tensorflow container until the next upcoming JetPack release (and the container will be built for the new version of JetPack)

However the jetson-containers build scripts have been updated for TF 2.5, so you can build the container yourself: https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-containers

You can run scripts/docker_build_ml.sh tensorflow to build just the TensorFlow containers.

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