Tensorflow 2 Container?


is there an estimation, at which point in time there will be an official NGC Container for Tensorflow 2?
As of now, it is in Beta 1.
Will we have to wait for the final release or are there plans to release a container containing the Beta release?


Yes, any ETA for the build, it is now RC1 after v2 RC0 was released weeks ago.

Tensorflow 2 was released yesterday. Is there still no news on this?
Would be nice to have an answer from a mod here.


Yes - we’ll be publishing a TF 2.x container in our 19.11 release, next month. It’ll go through our standard internal QA functionality and performance regression suite to ensure there are no issues.

Separately, we have been closely working with Google on TF 2.0 and have been using it internally for validation and testing. More details outlined about Nvidia GPUs in their announcement: https://medium.com/tensorflow/tensorflow-2-0-is-now-available-57d706c2a9ab

@m.fruhner and @choronz33 - Are there any specific features in TF 2.0 that you’re looking for?