TensorFlow Object Detection API installation on Jetson Orin

I am trying to install TensorFlow Object Detection API on my Jetson Orin Development Kit to retrain pretrained models but it always complains about missmatch of either tensorflow_addons or tensorflow-texts version.

When I try to install the tensorflow_addons / tensorflow-texts using pip, it says that the no matching distribution found for arm64 architecture .

Following are the details of my Jetson Orion Development Kit

OS: Linux Ubuntu 5.10.104-tegra
Jetpack Version: 5.1
TensorFlow Version: 2.11

Is there someone who can help me with this?
Best Regards,
Saqib Shakeel


Suppose there is no prebuilt package for Jetson available.
You will need to build it from the source.


Thanks for your quick reply @AastaLLL .
Is this something I can refer to?


You can give it a try.

But on Jetson, it’s more recommended to use TensorRT instead.
An example can be found below:


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