Tensorflow on Python 3.4

Is there an installation wheel or directions of how to install Tensorflow using the Python 3.4.3 on the TK1? There is a wheel for Python 3.5 (which doesn’t seem to work for me even renaming cp35 to cp34 or installing Python 3.5.5 which can only be run by typing python3.5) and there is a wheel (and instructions) for Python 2.7. All my code and libraries are using Python 3 so it’s hard to rewrite everything for Python 2.7.

Appreciate any help in this matter!


It’s recommended to use TX1/TX2 for deep learning usage to get aarch64 support.
As far as we know, most available TensorFlow wheel is for TX1 and TX2, rarely for TK1.

You still can try to build TensorFlow for TK1 and python 3.4 with the guide here:


Tensorflow, indeed, can be build under python 3.4.

Any version of pre-installed python 3 will work at once after OS re-installation, in my opinion.
When having several versions of python it may make sense to use pip while building tensorflow like pip34 or pip35 or so. Sometimes export of python path may be required.

On the other hand virtualenv can be used.

You may need to reinstall OS if you got already complex mess with python environment though.
and you can see from the list versions for python 27,33,34,35,36