TensorFlow Python 3.7 Wheels are here!

Good morning,

I have successfully compiled TensorFlow GPU 1.13.2 an 1.15.2 on the Xavier itself. Here are the wheels: https://github.com/MothCreations/gavlanWheels

After 24 hours and 7 days of trial and error, the unholiness has compiled!

Note: For TensorFlow 1.13.2 I couldnt compile it with TensorRT becuse of bugs i gave up on fixing, however it is GPU enabled with CUDA 10.0 and cuDNN, XLA. TensorFlow 1.15.2 has everything including TensorRT

DISCLAIMER: These are not official NVIDIA releases but to save you the effort and pain to compile these and to enable you to move forward with your projects that require Python 3.7, I have provided these wheels, tested. I am not responsible for any damage caused or anything caused by the wheels. In the github i uploaded the src code i finally used for TF 1.15.2

Please read the notes i put in the github readme.

I dont know github, i couldnt add files on there so i put it on my pcloud. If you want to host it somehwere (before my pcloud bandwidth police stops the links from working) feel free to do so.


It’s great! Thanks for your sharing!

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Thank you for this. I am trying to get Pyhton3.7 working on JetsonTx2 and i will try following your process.

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