Tensorflow (v1.9+) for DrivePX2 - Existing Wheels Incompatible with Compute Capability 6.1


Can Nvidia provide tensorflow-v1.9+ wheels for the Drive PX2? The pre-existing wheels (v1.9+) were built for the TX2 with compute capability 6.2. E.g.,

The Drive PX2 only supports compute capability 6.1.

Other threads have recommended building tensorflow from source: https://github.com/jetsonhacks/installTensorFlowTX2/

However, it is meant for older versions of tensorflow (v1.3). After hand patching, there are still an indefinite number of errors in the build and it is infeasible to debug given the slow build times. Given that Nvidia has created wheels for the TX2 with compute capability 6.2, it seems that those same builds could be configured for compute capability 6.1.


Dear steveLusko,

Could you please refer to https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1031300/jetson-tx2/tensorflow-1-7-wheel-with-jetpack-3-2- and see if it’s also suitable for PX2? Thanks.

SteveNV, per my original post, the tensorflow wheels for 1.9+ referenced in that link are incompatible with the DrivePX2 due the DrivePX2’s compute capability.


There are two GPU type in DrivePX2: SM=61 and SM=62.
You can find a package for SM=62 & ARM in the link shared in comment#2.

If you want a package for SM=61 & ARM, you will need to build it from source.
Here is a patch for building SM=62 & ARM:

Just need to update the GPU architecture from 6.2 to 6.1.