tensorRT 3 with caffe 2


We have a model based on caffe 2, and I would like to know whether it will be possible to infer it on the PX2, and optimizing it using the tensorRT_optimization?

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Dear sacha,

Unfortunately, tensorRT_opimization doesn’t support Caffe2 yet. Thanks.

Hi, When can we expect this? Or can we convert the Caffe2 model into UFF? Is there any work around

Hello, experts.

This link(https://devblogs.nvidia.com/int8-inference-autonomous-vehicles-tensorrt/) tolds me that “TensorRT3 TensorRT3 will be available for DRIVE PX 2 by mid-January 2018”.

Is there new update news about TensorRT3?

Dear groot,
The Latest PDK 5.0.5a (Released on Feb 12th 2018) has TensorRT 3.0.2

Hello SivaRamaKrishna,

Thank you for this information.
In the release notes it was indicated that there is some DNN improvements and some new samples.

However, after installation, we did not notice any new sample. Therefore, could you please detail what is new? is it just the inference engine?


Dear Sacha,
We have added couple of new samples. I am listing a few
camera_scaling_tracker,camera_seek, calibration_camera, icp,isp, image_capture, lidar_accumulator, stereo_camera_usb, vehicleio.

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,

OK. We already had the 5.0, therefore with the 5.0A there are no new samples.
Could you please detail the improvements of the new TensorRT 3.0.2?


Dear Sacha,
Just to clear the confusion, i have shared the list of new samples added in Driveworks. TRT 3.0.2 has some bug fixes over TRT 3.0.1