TensorRT 4 container


I was wondering if there are plans to offer a TensorRT 4.0 container on NGC. I’d really like to be able to load models from ONNX, but the provided containers have TensorRT 3.0, which only appears to offer UFF and Caffe parsers.

I’ve been trying to install TensorRT on my own, but I’m running into problems I haven’t been able to resolve. Skipping over those problems by starting from a docker container would be REALLY nice!


Yes. We have had a testing release candidate out for about a month on TensorRT. We’ve been fixing bugs and improving documentation and samples and will have a final version out in a few weeks. Then we’ll update the container to use that version.

My goal is to have the container updates be in sync with the TRT releases but that will take a bit of time.

I know this doesn’t help your immediate situation but I wanted to let you know we agree and are working in that direction.


Makes sense! Thanks for the update. Any chance that image will have a python 3 version too?