TensorRT and cuDNN DEB packages for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


Currently, the download options for cuDNN and TensorRT include .deb packages for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS. The most recent LTS release of Ubuntu is 20.04. For cuDNN, there is at least the “cuDNN Library for Linux” tarball, but I prefer a clean installation through the package manager. There is nothing that fits Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (focal) for TensorRT.

Are there any release plans for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS packages?

Thanks in advance!


TensorRT Version: 7.2.1
CUDA Version: 11.1
CUDNN Version: 8.0.4
Operating System + Version: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Hi @pkgconfig,
There are plans to support Ubuntu 20.04 with upcoming releases.
Please stay tuned for TRT announcements.


Thank you @AakankshaS for the good news. Could you be a bit more specific about when to expect TensorRT releases for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?