TensorRT Benchmarking - How does it work without images?

I’m measuring the performance of Jetson Nano

I am proceeding by referring to the site above.

ex) ./trtexec --output=prob --deploy=…/data/googlenet/ResNet50_224x224.prototxt --fp16 --batch=1

I understand that if don’t set weights when trtexec proceed with benchmarks, trtexec will benchmark them with random weights.

But I didn’t set an input image for the above command.
How does it benchmark?
Does this situation also use random tensor?

I’d appreciate your reply.

Hi @byyft2

The trtexec tool has two main purposes:

  • It’s useful for benchmarking networks on random data.
  • It’s useful for generating serialized engines from models.

Please check the below link for details


Thank you very much for your reply.